Mirrored Morpho Image

Blue Monday: Marvelous Morpho

Mirrored Morpho

Blue Monday: Marvelous Morpho

The Common Blue Morpho is one of the largest of all tropical butterfly species with a wing span of 75-200mm. This is peleides, a subspecies of Morpho helenor. Because of its name I would like to dedicate this post to my friend Helen on her birthday! I hope you will all enjoy my gallery of this stunning creature.

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Mexican Bluewing Image

WPC and Blue Monday: Vibrant Mexican Bluewing

Mexican Bluewing

WPC and Blue Monday: Vibrant Mexican Bluewing

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Doris Longwing Image

WPC and Blue Monday: Doris Longwing (4 Photos)

Doris Longwing

Blue Monday: Doris Longwing (4 Photos)

The Doris Longwing (Heliconiini Laparus doris) is a new butterfly to the 2016 Butterflies In The Glasshouse event at RHS Wisley Gardens. The Doris has striking, iridescent patches of blue on the upperside of the hindwing. The underside shows patches and stripes of red as do many other longwings, they can sometimes be hard to tell apart! They’re graceful, dainty and beautiful to watch in flight, or sunning themselves and feeding. The annual event is on now until March 6th. If you are planning to visit at the weekend, or during school half-term, you would be wise to book yourselves a time slot as the glasshouse gets very busy and queues can grow quickly! I hope that my photos of these wonderful creatures entice you to visit and enjoy the magic for yourselves. It’s guaranteed to lift your spirits and banish any Winter blues!

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