Malay Lacewing Triptych

Malay Lacewing Triptych

I’ve been going to RHS Wisley’s Butterflies in The Glasshouse event since it’s inauguration in 2009 but today was the FIRST time I’ve spotted this beautiful little butterfly called the Malay Lacewing! I got EXTREMELY excited 😉

I wanted to put this triptych together to show you it’s delicate beauty from all sides and was very grateful to my subject for opening it’s wings for me 🙂

Today was also a lovely opportunity to spend a full-on photography day with my new brother-in-law, Kevin, who’s own photography, and that of my sister Helen, you can find on Facebook at

It didn’t take very long for other visitors and photographers to figure out that following us was akin to getting their own guided tour, which was quite fun really.

So if you’ve not visited yet here’s a link to the details:

More butterfly and other photography from myself can be found on Facebook by clicking on the photo. Enjoy 🙂

2 comments on “Malay Lacewing Triptych

  1. A superb day out with an outstanding talent, not to mention fantastic Sister-in-law! There were indeed some great images waiting to be captured both inside and outside the Glasshouse. A very worthwhile visit, and this weather makes for some amazing photograph opportunities!

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