I won’t lie to you, today I have been exhausted!

I am very lucky to have a wonderful man in my life who looks after me and does lovely, little things just to make me smile when I’ve had a rough day 🙂

His Chicken Pie tonight was almost waving hello to me, inviting me to dive in and eat my fill.

I did, it was yummy 🙂

2 comments on “3.14159

    • He does say that since he started making his own pies he’s become a bit of a pie snob 😉 He’s a great cook! He does really enjoy it too. I keep saying I’m going to enter him into Masterchef but he doesn’t think he’s good enough. He is! I love to cook too but I need a lot of help with the things I can’t do anymore like lifting pans and putting things in the oven or peeling and chopping.

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