On The Farm

On The Farm

Easter holidays are nearly over but I finally got a chance for a day out with my favourite munchkins, Rosie and James, and their mum, Nikki.

We decided to go to Bocketts Farm Park to see the new babies; lambs, chicks, calves and piglets!

I worked in the kitchens at Bocketts when it first opened up to the public way, way back in 1992. It’s a working, family farm and has always had a really warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The park and children’s activity areas have expanded so much since it’s early days but I love the fact that the children can all still get hands-on with many of the animals.

We loved stroking some of the newborn lambs today and feeding the very hungry sheep and goats. One cheeky goat had everyone laughing when it tried to take a bite out of my wheelchair!

Rosie and James had such fun in the Play Barn too, in fact we were almost the last visitors to leave. They also loved sitting on all the old tractors that are dotted around the barn. If it were possible, I think James would have quite happily driven one away ūüėČ

2 comments on “On The Farm

  1. Hi Sarah – Very frustrating, all your visits and references to RHS Wisley, which is also my own favourite location, just to stroll around amongst the trees and srubs, just chillin’ out and and taking in the atmosphere and weather! I miss the frogs croaking at their time of year in the pond, for example. Also have memories of long queues there, around the gardens when the BBC Antiques Road Show dropped by one year!

    Take care – Duncan

    • Hi Duncan, maybe you should start a photo blog of some of the wonderful places down your way! Doesn’t have to be as much as a photo a day, it is quite a challenge, but maybe one a week? Did you see Countryfile on Sunday? There was a big feature done from Wisley about the lack of young people going into horticulture and the detrimental effect that is having across the UK. Take care, Sarah x

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