Fatigue grounded me today! It was a rather rainy day though, which does rather soften the blow of it being mostly wasted.

I was gazing out the window earlier and my eyes were very much drawn to the droplets of water left behind. Focussing in on them makes a haze of the world beyond.

It also reminded me of some lovely pieces of artwork by a Facebook friend, Grebo. So I thought I’d emulate his Rainy Landscapes but in my own style. Thanks for the inspiration!

I think many of my followers here would be intrigued by his work so do pop over to Facebook and have a look at Grebo Photographs and Little Black Clouds

Have a great weekend, wherever you are!

2 comments on “Beyond

  1. I like the way the colors are expressed in the droplets. depending on its shape , one can observed a different color and therefore a different emotion . I did not realize that before or looking at the fist glance to it. Now I do. This is the reason i press ‘like’

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