Bright and Bold

Bright and Bold

We have communal gardens here at our flats and one resident, in particular, does a huge amount of work to keep our gardens looking bright and beautiful.

Brian is an unsung hero. He selflessly gives of his time to help other residents with their own garden areas and always offers help to those in need.

His bright and colourful countenance is reflected in the wonderful blooms on show here. It’s no wonder we’re always winning Woking In Bloom!

Brian and his wife, Carole, are a true example of “the good neighbour”. I have huge respect for them and I’m so glad to live alongside such lovely people who have really inspired a sense of community here.

Brian is pictured here on Greenoak’s website (residential involvement section) with the Woking in Bloom trophy 🙂

4 comments on “Bright and Bold

  1. I love tulips. Mine have only just started to flower this year (all in pots as I don’t have a garden) and at the moment they are being bombarded by hailstones! What a spring we are having this year!

    • Some of ours are yet to come out! Another neighbour has some lovely pink ones that I home will flower in a few days time for me to photo. Yes, we’ve had hail today too so I’m glad I got the photos done before the worst of the April storms. Beautiful skies though today 🙂

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