Orchid Study 1

Orchid Study 1

After the recent orchid exhibition at RHS Wisley Gardens, they held a sale of some of the plants from the displays.


…….could you resist?

I bought myself a photo tent recently and decided to put it to use for my Photo of The Day.

Pixel thinks it’s a brand new toy for him though!

And then I added the orchid………


……..Pixel tried to eat it!

4 comments on “Orchid Study 1

    • Thanks. I love them too! I’m notoriously bad at actually managing to keep them alive though :/ And then there’s the cat who just wants to eat any house plant he can get his paws on. He demolished a chilli plant that my other half had in the kitchen 😉

      • Ahh cats, we have a cat that insists on sitting on anything you are trying to work on. Did the chilli plant have any chillis on it?
        I am bad at keeping anything like that alive as well. YOu have inspired me to try again, if only to get some photos.

      • I think all cats do that! They just have to have your attention ALL the time. Pixel often sits on my laptop and then I spend ages trying to undo all the things he’s managed to do! Yes, there were chillis on it but he only wanted to eat the leaves and stems. Crazy cat! The Orchids are all up on high shelves out of his reach but it puts them out of my reach too! I’ve got quite a lot of orchid photography on my facebook page in various Wisley albums if you want to have a look

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