Laburnum Sculpture

Laburnum Sculpture

It’s been a glorious May Bank Holiday. Warm and sunny with some lovely local events taking place.

After watching a local Maypole Dance and village dog show we went to RHS Wisley Gardens to enjoy the weather and have a look at the work on display at The Contemporary Craft & Design Show.

I met a number of really interesting artists today but I’ve decided to showcase a piece of work by sculptor Michael McManus, who works with wood.

This piece is sculpted from laburnum, which is one of my favourite trees. As children we called the trees Golden Rain for their flower blooms, which fall in vibrant yellow cascades during Spring.

Michael is my kind of sculptor! He encourages viewers and customers to pick up and handle the pieces, to examine them from different angles, up close, feeling the grain and imperfections that make each piece uniquely perfect.

As ever, I will be putting together an album of all my favourite pieces, along with information about the artists, on my Facebook Page.

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