This is the first dragonfly I’ve seen this year. It’s a female, Broad-bodied Chaser and appeared as a golden beacon, flitting across the heath at Esher Commons today.

Keeping my eye on it whilst it chased the sunlight from shrub to thicket wasn’t easy but I was rewarded with a few moments to capture its glory through the lens before it flew on again.

There’s lots to explore out in our woodlands at the moment and some, like Esher, have disabled access too 🙂

The Woodland Trust has a very handy search engine to find the perfect place for you to visit, whatever you want to see and whatever your physical ability.

7 comments on “Dragonfly

  1. Wow this is a great photo. I can never manage to photograph dragonflies – they never stay still for long enough. You must have much more patience than me!

    • Yes we used to do that too 🙂 Down by the river with various nets, buckets, jars etc catching dragonflies, butterflies and fishing for newts. They were always all safely released of course! I’m so glad that much of my childhood was spent outdoors 🙂

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