Grey Wagtail

Grey Wagtail

After a visit to Guy’s Hospital in London today and plenty of staring up at The Shard, Simon and I went along to Hyde Park for some much needed rest and relaxation in the sun.

I completely forgot to bring my bird food along but we were still treated to a fabulous array of wildlife, including this lovely little grey wagtail.

This is rather special for me as I’ve been longing to photograph the UK’s other wagtails, aside from the pied wagtail. I’ve spotted the greys and possibly a yellow alongside the canal but only ever a glimpse!

I’ll have a full album up on my Facebook Page as soon as I can! It will have images of The Shard, swans and cygnets, many kinds of geese, herons, squirrels, butterflies, ducks, flowers, sculpture………

………. Hyde Park has a lot to offer!

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