It’s A Mystery


Today’s post has been created especially for my friend Helen. Somehow The Daily Post read my mind and created The Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma 😉

I can always count on Helen to like my abstract work! Every day my post is shared to my Facebook Page and Helen made a great comment about my abstract piece from yesterday, “I play a game with your abstract stuff and try to guess what the original viewpoint is. I am usually stumped”

I love hearing this kind of feedback! It lets me know that I’m achieving my goals. To know that the audience is engaging with my work, that it’s stimulating their imagination, is very pleasing indeed.

Whether this one remains a mystery to Helen (after she next comes to visit and ransacks the house searching for the origin of the image) or not, I hope that she will enjoy it and be as intrigued as ever!

10 comments on “It’s A Mystery

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  3. Love what you did there Sarah. Stunning shots and colours indeed. You are a true artist. 😀 *hugs*

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