This is Pebbles and she’s staying with us for the week while her family are on holiday 🙂

She’s a very petite Bengal. I love her fabulous long whiskers! My very first blog post was a photograph of Pebbles which you can see here.

At first she was quite nervous and found a hidey-hole in the cupboard for security. I expect she was missing her little people, my niece and nephew, Rosie and James!

Yesterday and today, though, she seems much more content and has been exploring all areas of her holiday home 🙂

For a Bengal, she’s really rather quiet and doesn’t have any interest in going outside either. It’s quite atypical of her breed but then every cat has a very singular personality!

It’s rather nice to have a little, feline friend in the house again. I still miss Pixel dreadfully! We will adopt another cat but not until after our own holiday later in the year.

Hopefully Pebbles’ family are having a wonderful time on their holiday! I expect they miss her company but she’ll be just fine and so happy to see them when they come home next week.

Just to warn you Nikki, there’s a toy here that she just LOVES, so it might have to come back with her 😉

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