There are a few grey wagtails that I’ve spotted by the Basingstoke Canal and I’m trying to find out how many individuals there are along the stretch that I visit.

I have seen two together but I wasn’t able to capture the moment. They’re very elusive! I managed to find a concealed spot from where I could watch this female for a little while today. It was lovely 🙂

Photographing her was a challenge as she stayed in a very shadowed area but she didn’t stay still for a moment! This image was taken at 300mm f5.6 ISO 3200 at 1/80sec.

10 comments on “Elusive

  1. What a lovely bird, and well captured! I haven’t seen one of these here, but we do see the smaller pied wagtails wagging their tails up and down as they strut along the lane 🙂

    • I just love all the wagtails! I’m searching for the even more elusive yellow wagtail. You’re most likely to see the grey and yellow near rivers or canals. It’s wonderful watching them skim across the water 🙂 I’ve really been enjoying your rose photos and all the information about the different cultivars!

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