What Makes A Masterpiece?

What Makes A Masterpiece?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

This post is also part of The Festival of Flowers: Week 7

How do you define a masterpiece? According to the dictionary:

Masterpiece [mas-ter-pees, mah-ster-]
1. a person’s greatest piece of work, as in an art.
2. anything done with masterly skill: a masterpiece of improvisation.
3. a consummate example of skill or excellence of any kind: The chef’s cake was a masterpiece.
4. a piece made by a person aspiring to the rank of master in a guild or other craft organization as a proof of competence.

One artist who has inspired me to look at some of Nature’s own masterpieces with fresh eyes is the wonderful Georgia O’Keeffe.

O’Keeffe produced many pieces of art that are considered to be masterpieces during her lifetime. More importantly, in my opinion, is that her works are genuinely loved by the public.

Her use of bold shapes and warm colours reflect the natural curves and tones of the countryside and flora around her.

In today’s post I’ve used popular summer blooms, gladiolus and scabious, to create a photographic homage to the artist who taught me to look closely at the beauty around me.

27 comments on “What Makes A Masterpiece?

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  4. Fantastic post! Your flowers are a beautiful tribute to O’Keeffe. Thanks so much for participating in the Festival of Flowers this week. 😀

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    • Thanks Janet! That was what I was hoping to achieve 🙂 The word “masterpiece” can be traced to pieces of work created by an apprentice or journey man to become a master craftsman in their own right. We continue to learn from masters who have come before us as well as our peers. I believe that artists are forever journey-men, always learning, exploring and emulating.

      • All the masters started out that way and the continuity continued, as can be seen from all the paintings “In the style of” or “From the school of.” The masters sometimes did part of a painting, too, from what I’ve read. As for artists always being journeymen, shouldn’t we all be that, whatever our field or interest, always learning, always growing, always looking for good examples to emulate?


      • I have to say I NEVER would have allowed any tutor of mine to touch one of my paintings 😉 I do enjoy collaborations though! Yes we should all strive to be journeymen in all aspects of life, an active mind is a healthy mind. It all makes life far more interesting! Just watched a great documentary about Bjorks last album, Biophilia and thought what an example of the desire to progress, understand, evolve and express the album is.

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