Today has been the hottest day of the year at 33°C! With the warmth and sunshine I decided to head down to RHS Wisley Gardens to look for butterflies. I wasn’t disappointed!

I chose this photo of the lovely little Common Blue perched on the Blue Eryngium to share with you as I just love both the plant and the butterfly!

16 comments on “Blue

  1. Nice to see the butterflies out in the open 🙂 Love the colours of this one. I find the butterflies round us rarely land to get a good enough look let alone a photo! 😉

  2. What a lovely photograph Sarah. Blue on blue 🙂
    The sun didn’t break through here until after noon and it was very humid, not sure it was as hot as 33 degrees though. And the only butterflies I have seen so far this year are the small white and a lot of ringlet browns – neither of which seem to settle long enough to take a snap!
    J xx

    • Really humid here too!! There were at least a dozen Peacock butterflies on one of the buddlejas at Wisley today! No Red Admirals or Painted Ladies though. Lots of Brimstone and Whites. I think it’s just about getting the right weather and being around the right plants. Hardly ever see the blues so I was really pleased with this today 🙂

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