Peewit, peewit, peewit………..

Peewit, peewit, peewit...........

I’m in Shropshire this weekend enjoying the peace, quiet and beautiful nature.

We’re visiting Simon’s mum. Just like me, she has a love of nature and wildlife. Today we went along to Venus Pool to see what birdlife and butterflies might be visiting the lake.

These lovely birds are Lapwings. As a child I always called them by their other name, Peewit, which comes from the sound they make.

The flock were all on the far side of the lake but fortunately they took to the air, briefly, and I was able to get a few photos of them.

I’ve never had a chance to photograph them before, so very much wanted to share a childhood dream brought to life with you.

5 comments on “Peewit, peewit, peewit………..

  1. Beautiful birds – I can’t believe that we have driven past this pool hundreds of times without even knowing it exists! My M-I-L lives in Cross Houses and the reason we had to move up here. I shall definitely pop along to the Venus Pool on our next visit. Many thanks for introducing me to this area.
    J xx

    • We went through Cross Houses! Venus Pool is lovely 🙂 I think there are about 4 hides around the lake but I only went into 2 of them. Local birders say that early morning is definitely the best time as some birds roost at the lake and then head off to nearby rivers during the day. I’d never have found the place if visiting the area on my own! Luckily for me Simon’s mum is involved with quite a few local wildlife and nature groups including Shropshire Ornithological Society. Enjoy 🙂 Sxxx

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