Say It With Flowers

Say It With Flowers

I’ve been to see my friend Nikki today. It’s a week since her back surgery and I think she’s doing really well. It’s a slow process healing from any surgery and pain is just a par for the course, it’s not easy!

Little things can really brighten the day when you’re stuck inside, recovering. Not long after I arrived at Nikki’s a wonderful bouquet of flowers was delivered!

They’re from the parents at Bramley School, where her daughter, Rosie, goes. They’re a lovely sunny delight and Nikki was really touched. The bouquet was made by The Flower Pot florists in Tadworth.

It was good to see Nikki and the kids, when they came home from school. Both Rosie and James wanted to hear all about how Pebbles, their cat, was getting on with us. They do miss her so and understandably!

Hopefully Nikki will keep making good progress and it won’t be too long before they can all be at home together again!

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