Taste Of Autumn: Harvest Moon

Taste Of Autumn: Harvest Moon

Yes, yes, yes, I have split-toned the beautiful, full moon to give it a shade of Autumn 😉

Many people do believe that a Harvest Moon (full moon closest to the autumnal equinox) will appear in autumnal colours.

In actual fact the name derives from the days before tractor lights when the lamp of the Harvest Moon helped farmers to gather their crops, despite the diminishing daylight hours.

As the sun’s light faded in the west, the moon would soon rise in the east to illuminate the fields throughout the night.

Harvest Moon

The shorter-than-usual time between moonrises around the full Harvest Moon means no long period of darkness between sunset and moonrise for days in succession. Many of us living in built-up areas won’t actually notice this!

I very much want to do some astrophotography with the telescope but I need to get all the correct barlow lenses and T-ring adapters!

I took this photo using a tripod, my 75-300mm Sony lens at 300mm, ISO 100, f8, 1/250sec, cropped and processed in Lightroom.

6 comments on “Taste Of Autumn: Harvest Moon

  1. Great moon shot Sarah. I once worked (briefly) with a guy who did astrophotography and he showed me some of his work – absolutely stunning stuff. He was aiming to move to Wales as the sky is so dark there and set up a B&B specifically for photographers . I wonder if he ever achieved his dream?

    • Ooh! I wonder if he does and has that B&B? There are a few places in Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands where you can go away on astronomy holidays. You’ll all know when I do get all the right gear, I’ll be flooding my pages with images 😉

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