Taste Of Autumn: Late Rose

Taste Of Autumn: Late Rose

Festival Of Flowers: Week 15

It’s the last Friday Flower post for this year now that the autumnal equinox is practically upon us. Not that you won’t be seeing a few more floral posts from me before the year is out!

Thank you, Jackie, for hosting this challenge. Glad to have found a few other interesting bloggers taking part!

Here’s a late rose budding in our communal gardens. I loved the shape of this bud and hope you all will like it too. Have a great weekend everyone!

11 comments on “Taste Of Autumn: Late Rose

  1. Beautiful capture! I love the simple beauty. You’re welcome and thank you for participating in the challenge. I enjoyed your posts very much and I hope you will think about joining me again in March. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 😀

    • Thanks Jackie. I hope I can contribute next year! I won’t be blogging EVERY day next year, 365 photography has been a challenge in itself this year 😉 I will most definitely still be blogging though. I’ve really enjoyed seeing and reading so many varied blogs and exchanging ideas 🙂

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