Taste Of Autumn: The Turn

Taste Of Autumn: The Turn

It’s now officially Autumn! My favourite season as the leaves paint the landscape into new tones of red and gold on a daily changing canvas.

These vines cover a wall at the end of our community gardens and they’re just on the turn now.

We’ll be in Greece for a few weeks so I’m wondering what this canvas will look like when we get home!

8 comments on “Taste Of Autumn: The Turn

      • Ha! Well you’ll definitely find those there! I visited Kos hundreds of years ago, but in winter and there was no transport to get around the island so we remained in the main town. Still good memories though of the Knights of St John’s castle.

      • Ah, we hired a car. Last year just for one week but got it for the full two weeks this time 🙂 The history on Kos is amazing! For me the asclepion and hipocrate’s tree hold special meaning with my health issues. Kefalos is less touristy than some other areas and has its own castle too. My favourite town is Pyli which is a traditional style with a thriving artists community. Love it 🙂

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