Views From Mount Zini

Today is my partner, Simon’s, birthday. This is the first time he’s been away for his birthday so I left today’s activities up to him.

We’d spotted a place on the map, on the side of Mount Zini, that we felt would give us some great views across The Gulf of Kefalos.


We stopped at several points on route to get photos of a few of our favourite views that we discovered last year.



The volcanic island of Nisiros, which we’ll be visiting next Saturday, was an ethereal site, wreathed in mist.



On the map the road leading around the mountain to Panaghia is marked as a “surfaced road”. More like a dirt track that possibly becomes a river in winter! Somehow our little Suzuki Alto made it through and the view really is incredible 🙂




6 comments on “Views From Mount Zini

    • We’re now up the other mountain, Mt Dikeos, at a village called Zia, having a meal on the balcony of a taverna, watching the sun set! Not a bad way to spend a birthday 😉 I really love the west country too though. I’ve spent several birthdays in Devon.

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