Eleonora’s Falcon

Eleonora's Falcon

I first spotted one of these beautiful creatures when we visited Kos, last year but couldn’t get anywhere near close enough for a halfway decent photograph!

The Eleonora’s Falcon is a migratory species that overwinters in East Africa. It won’t be long now before the adults, along with this years young, are returning to warmer climes like Madagascar.

Just spotting them can be really difficult as they soar on thermals between the rocky peaks of the mountains. I’ve had my eyes on the skies ever since we arrived and after a couple of glimpses we finally found one in range!

I think I may have literally screamed “FALCON” at Simon, who was driving along one of the “not very” paved roads, practically fell from the car to grab the camera and then swore at the bird for flying against the sun!

Thankfully she circled round and I just had a few moments to capture this image before she swept away across Mt Zini.

6 comments on “Eleonora’s Falcon

  1. These birds of prey are always so difficult to capture so well done! My attempts usually result in 1. sky 2. a black blob 3. a blurred shape

    How are you finding Greece this year? Any difficulties?

    • Ha ha! I so often end up with them flying away from me. I got a couple of silhouettes as she flew across the sun. The islands are fine as they’re pretty self sufficient! More people should visit and enjoy the Greek hospitality. The only problem we’ve had this year is that the weather has been a bit odd! Really very windy today. No chance of a gentle swim or snorkel so we’re visiting Windmills and the Traditional House. Simon’s getting very cold in the wind!

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