After The Storm

After The Storm

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

You may have heard about the storm named St Jude, that swept across the South of England today. After the storm had passed I drove to Newlands Corner, part of the Surrey Hills, to photograph the views for this weeks photography challenge and watch the sun go down.

Although the storm took out the power for hundreds of thousands and brought down numerous trees, the outcome wasn’t as devastating as many had predicted.

There are now lots of jokes appearing all over social media regarding the apparent non-event. I always find jokes following natural disasters a bit distasteful.

Let’s not forget that four people died as a result of the storm! My thoughts are with their families and with those who have suffered injury and destruction of property.

Nature can be a devastating force. In the UK we are much more fortunate than those who live in some other heavily populated areas of the world.

Nature is also devastatingly beautiful!

12 comments on “After The Storm

    • We had a big storm back in 1987 that felled huge swathes of trees and caused major flooding. I remember being saddened at the changed landscape of our beautiful Surrey Hills being stripped of so much woodland. I’m glad the storm was not so devastating to our countryside this time!

  1. Love the panoramic shots. I’m annoyed that I never did stop at Newlands Corner to take photos of that view, it is pretty special. Nice to refresh my memory from your images and I’m glad you didn’t suffer damage from the storm. Avoided us completely!
    Jude (not a saint yet 😉 ) xx

    • I met with another “Jude” today and totally forgot to ask her how she felt about being the namesake for a storm ;-)!

      It was actually the first time I’ve taken photographs from the Newlands Corner viewpoints despite the fact that I’ve been going there since I was a kid. We sometimes overlook the places we’re familiar with!

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