Daily Prompt: My Precious

Daily Prompt: My Precious

Daily Prompt: My Precious

What else could I possibly post for this prompt! Our two precious girls, Luna and Juno.

They both want to wish Mr Bowie well for his exploratory surgery tomorrow. Paws will be crossed! Mr Bowie is clearly very precious to his human, Herman. Our thoughts are with you.

11 comments on “Daily Prompt: My Precious

  1. Excellent photos! What beautiful cats! My wife and I have 2 cats and 2 dogs, so our house is a zoo. We wouldn’t have it any other way though. I wish Mr. Bowie well on his surgery tomorrow & will keep my fingers crossed (and cross my cat’s paws as well). Have a wonderful day, my friend!
    Tyler 🙂

    • Thanks Tyler! We only have a small flat so just room for us and the cats 🙂 If we had somewhere bigger with our own garden I probably would turn in into a zoo! I’ve always loved animals and grew up with many pets, lots of garden wildlife, falconry and horse riding. It’s hard work and commitment but with a lot of love 🙂

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