Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas

Twelve Days 'Til Christmas

Daily Prompt: Mad As A Hatter

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RAGE.

On the seventh day of Christmas, whatever did I see?
Seven ducks-a-swimming,
Six troopers trooping,
Four friends at Wisley,
Three kids and Chitty,
Two pipers playing
A Santa with a rabbit on his knee!

When I left the house today the skies were blue, the sun was shining and all was crisp, bright and beautiful! As I was just approaching the lake at RHS Wisley Gardens, to get my “seven swimming ducks” photo, the skies clouded over, the heavens opened and I was the one nutter-in-a-wheelchair singing in the rain 😉

And, yes, I know the prompt says “show us rage” but the funny thing is, when you’re as Mad as a Hatter there’s not much that will actually get you that riled!

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