Weekly Photo Challenge: (Even More) Joy

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Even More) Joy

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Even More) Joy

Small boy with a new trike!

It’s the simple pleasure of watching children achieving new milestones that is so joyful.

Nate got this fantastic trike from his Grandparents for Christmas and although his toes only just reach the ground, he managed to scoot forwards on his own this morning!

Then came another moment that I should have had the camera out for but had just started blogging – Nate just took his first two completely unaided steps!!!! I feel so lucky that we were here, visiting to see it 🙂

Thank you to Rachel, Joe and Nate, our Manchester family, for having us and completing a truly joyful Christmas time!

8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: (Even More) Joy

  1. Thank you for taking such a lovely picture of my beautiful son.

    To Sarah’s other readers – what she neglected to say was that Nate did a big stinky guff right as he took his first steps, so that this special moment will be forever tainted with the scent of onion bhaji farts. Sometimes failing to capture the moment is a good thing!

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