Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Photographs are windows into the photographers world. Often they are windows into precious moments from our past.

My featured image is a photograph from 1995 of my friend Rachel posed by a broken window in an abandoned factory near the village of Gomshall. My second image is from the same photoshoot. Both photos were taken on film and developed by myself in a dark room. I miss doing that!

The Flock

My third photograph is of Charlotte, taken at Stokesay Castle in 2008, not long after I’d started dating her father, Simon. I love our visits to Shropshire! I love them too of course πŸ™‚

The Dreamer

My last photograph for this weeks challenge is from 2013. This is my goddaughter, Rosie, and her brother, James, at Mansion House in Leatherhead, eagerly awaiting the marriage of their grandmother, Chris, to Trev. I don’t photograph many weddings but this was family, special. Both the children also had their naming ceremonies at Mansion House!


These portraits by window-light are visual links to some of the most precious people in my life. The invisible strings that run though their lives are tied to many loved ones. I can see them all when I look at these photos. They’re just through the memory window of my mind and tied to my heart.

27 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

  1. All very moody and atmospheric images Sarah. Love the first one – great broken windows and urban decay. Also like the Stokesay Castle one – I must return there!

    //They’re just through the memory window of my mind and tied to my heart.//
    Jude xx

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  4. with a lot of appreciation . I miss that work too , working in a dark room. The creation of analogue images is an art on its own . Your feature image and the second one , I like the most . Analogue pure as it should be , for me at least . great post . bart

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