Travel theme: Illuminated

Travel theme: Illuminated

Travel theme: Illuminated

Now that I’m not fixed into creating a new photograph to post every day, I thought it would be nice to join in with some of the other challenges hosted by fellow bloggers.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts for Ailsa’s Travel Theme. I hope I can entertain you all with some submissions of my own! This week’s photo was taken in Manchester over the Christmas period. We were only there for the day visiting my friend, Rachel, and her family but we had a bit of time to see the city illuminated after dusk.

Primark is a retailer of extremely affordable items (that’s my generous description!). I rather like the irony of such a shop being set in this grand and elegantly lit building. Originally built in 1877 for Lewis’ department store, this is Victorian architecture at its best! Whatever I may think of their produce, I must say that the owners of Primark have done us a great service in restoring such a wonderful piece of Manchester’s historic City Centre.

9 comments on “Travel theme: Illuminated

    • Hopefully we’ll have time to see more of the city on one of our visits! It also rains virtually every time we actually go into the city so better weather would be helpful too 😉 It’s a great city though! I can get around so easily in my wheelchair as the trams are all completely accessible 🙂

  1. Perfect choice for the challenge!
    We lived in a Victorian house and imo there is no finer architectural style…restoring this enormous building must have cost Primark a fortune!
    My daughter and I are planning to visit England this coming August, and Manchester was one of our must see cities. Thanks for this little preview!

    • Manchester and it’s outlying areas are great! The city itself is very easy to navigate. I did put a link into the text for info on the city. My friend who lives nearby runs and I’m sure she’d be really interested in what you blog about her home city and other parts of the UK. You can email her at

      The UK may be a relatively small island put it’s very diverse with loads of wonderful history. I’m not far from London. Great city but you can’t see it all in a day! August is usually one of the sunnier months but when it rains it really pours. Check out the RSPB, National Trust, The RHS and The Wildlife Trust for lots of wonderful places to visit 🙂

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