Butterflies In The Glasshouse: Ultimate Spotter Guide

RHS Wisley Gardens: Butterflies In The Glasshouse

RHS Wisley Garden’s spectacular event, Butterflies In The Glasshouse, opens this Saturday 18th January!

My featured image today is a Scarlet Swallowtail showing off for the cameras and it won last years’ Butterfly Photography Competition. I’m utterly fascinated with butterflies and every year I spend much of the Winter in The Glasshouse feeding my obsession.

It’s also a fantastic time of year for birdwatching at Wisley so be ready for all things winged over the next two months!

I’ve created an Ultimate Spotter Guide with some of my favourite images from last years event. Wherever possible I’ve included images of the butterfly’s under and upper-sides. There are only two butterflies that I’m missing, The King Swallowtail and Big Billy.

This week I also collaborated on an article for The Guide 2 Surrey with journalist/singer/songwriter/events organiser Wizzi Seaton:ย ย ย  Wisley Gardens, a Year in Pictures

We hope to join forces again on more photographic journeys through Surrey.

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