Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho

Blue Monday

Have you been feeling the blues today? I was, so I lost myself in work for a while and let the Blue Morpho and other blue butterflies at RHS Wisley Gardens, including the Blue Diadem and the Clipper Blue-subspecies, carry away my woes.

Then I left the warm and beautiful Glasshouse and returned to the pouring rain and darkness that has plagued the South of England all winter!

20 comments on “Blue Morpho

  1. Beautiful picture of the blue morpho…. I too love to visit the live butterfly exhibit… It’s sooo relaxing to watch different types of butterflies fly all over the I closed garden…

    • It’s quite heavenly isn’t it? Even when the Glasshouse is full of people there’s a real sense of tranquillity in there. I really enjoy the different pace and manner of flight from all the butterflies. The Owls have this languid, undulating form as they swoop low around the foliage. The swallowtails dip and dive higher up and perform a wonderful twisting dance together. It’s always a delight to see the morpho with its wings open, shining brightly in the sunshine πŸ™‚

  2. I wish I had a glasshouse of beautiful butterflies to visit here to escape the gloom of winter. Thanks for sharing yours, we are not privileged to have such colorful butterflies around here at any season.

    • Hi Hannah, it’s a special event that the RHS put on and I do feel blessed to live close by! There are quite a number of Butterfly Houses around the UK including one at London Zoo and they’re absolutely wonderful. Many butterfly farms who breed the tropical butterflies for these events also play a big role in the conservation of British butterfly species with breeding programs, education and working with wildlife trusts and local communities to plant up parks/gardens especially for our native species and releasing the butterflies they have bred.

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