Travel theme: Wood

Travel theme: Wood

Travel theme: Wood

In keeping with the season I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite winter shrubs with its vibrantly coloured woody stems. This is Salix alba var. vitellina ‘Yelverton’, a type of willow, and every winter it provides a golden, burning glow around Seven Acres and the lake at RHS Wisley Gardens.

8 comments on “Travel theme: Wood

  1. Now that’s a cheerful sight on another very dull and dreary day.
    (BTW Sarah, is it me or is the text on this theme very, very small? Especially so in the body of the posts and the comments.)
    Jude xx

    • No it’s not you! I’ve been trying to alter it as I like the way the rest of the theme work. May have to look at some others when I have a bit more time.

      Yes it was a really dull day today 😦 This photo was taken on Saturday when we actually had some sunshine 😉 There should be some more sun after the next band of rain pushes through!

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