Mexican Bluewing

Mexican Bluewing

Blue Monday

The Mexican Bluewing is a new addition Butterflies In The Glasshouse at RHS Wisley Gardens this year.

This is the first one I’ve spotted so far but hopefully more will be emerging soon! It was only the glint of blue from within the Mimosa that led me to it.

14 comments on “Mexican Bluewing

  1. I’ve been looking through your absolutely stunning photos of butterflies and I wish I could visit Wisley Gardens when I go to Britain this summer! I wonder how many hours you spent there to catch all these beautiful insects with your camera? When I try to take photos of them they always close their wings so that you only see the duller outside …

    • Hi Anni. Thanks for visiting 🙂 Wisley Gardens are beautiful all year round and during the summer there are many native British butterflies in the gardens. It does take some patience and knowledge of what they like to feed on to get good images and plenty of sunshine to encourage them to pose with their wings open. The Butterflies In The Glasshouse event for the tropical species is only on for a couple on months at this time of year. It’s much easier to get photographs of any wild creature in a confined and controlled space! I’d dearly love to travel the world to see some of my favourite species in the wild. There are other butterfly houses in the UK that have year round exhibitions including one at London Zoo and Butterfly Jungles opening in February in Bexley, Kent.

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