Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

This week’s challenge theme prompted me to revisit a piece I started working on a couple of years ago. I had put it aside about a year ago as I felt I was starting to overwork it.

When I opened it up again in Photoshop I could clearly see that I’d overcomplicated the composition with far too many unnecessary elements. Sometimes less is more! I wanted to leave an air of mystery to the piece.

I really enjoy creating portrait montages with a surreal/fantasy undertone. I have a series of self portraits that I call Dreamscapes and this is number five in the series “Moonstruck”.

13 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

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  3. Perfect! I love the touch of colour in the lips and eyes. Just one problem – I want to enlarge the image! And I want to see the rest of the series in Dreamscapes ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jude xx

    Hope everything is OK down south!

  4. It’s a terrific composition. I like the half moon, it gives me the impression that like most of us you have both a light and a darker side to your personality. If you’d used a full moon the same image would have appeared overly optimistic IMO. ๐Ÿ™‚

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