Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

There are many things in life that I treasure but my heart truly belongs to Simon. He is precious beyond measure to me!

We both thoroughly treasure the time we get to spend together, each year, on the beautiful Greek island of Kos.

Kos itself is full of treasures, historical and natural. I thought I’d use this week’s challenge to show you just a few of these from our 2012 holiday!

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  1. Thanks for turning me a very unbecoming shade of green! Oh, it was so nice to wander with you through Kos, I really needed a dose of sunshine and blue skies, lovely kitties, beautiful flowers and great architecture and you fulfilled that in spades! Where abouts do you stay when you visit, and why do you always go back to Kos? Just wondering as there are lots of Greek Islands to go to, so what makes Kos so special for you? I’m very tempted to book a holiday there myself this year.
    Jude xx

    • I’ve always been very interested in the history of Kos in particular. Home of Hippocrates! It’s very affordable to get there and large parts of the island are quite flat so it’s much easier for me to get around with my mobility issues. There are direct flights all through the summer and well into autumn. The people are lovely πŸ™‚ Much of the countryside is unspoilt and we stay in the lower part of Kefalos which isn’t inundated with a certain type of tourist! In fact, only Kardamena really gets the young-binge-drinking-clubbing types but you can still go there for a nice meal on the harbour front in the evening and not feel embarrassed to be British πŸ˜‰ We always go self-catering, staying in a studio apartment, as we really like to get out an explore the place! Kos is also very close to a number of other islands including Rhodes and Kalymnos, and Turkey is a 30min ferry crossing. The dry heat and having the sea to swim in really makes a huge difference to my illnesses! I still need a lot of help from Simon (my hero!) and we need the car to get about but out there, I feel FREE πŸ˜€

      • Sounds really good. I only stayed there during November when it was much colder, though still lovely, and difficult to get around by public transport (OK impossible!) I think I’d like it more in the summer / autumn. Do you book independently or go with a travel company?

      • We go totally independent now! Flying with EasyJet with all disabled needs sorted out online πŸ™‚ We stay at Studios Kefalos, a family run place that we can just email directly to book. Out of season the basic car rentals aren’t too bad! Last year we went at the very end of September and into October. There are a lot of photographers who actually do all their work over the winter months and spring as the seas and skies are much more interesting with lush vegetation in spring. I’d happily explore more of the accessible Greek Islands in all seasons πŸ™‚ Money and time are always an issue though! I’m so glad that Simon enjoys the same kind of holidays as I do. I know that kids clubs and all inclusive make resorts an attractive holiday for lots of families but it’s not us at all! Explorers at heart πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for all that Sarah. I shall file it away for the future. I’m certainly attracted to it. We would hate to be in a ‘resort’ and sc is the best way to go, we once stayed in a hotel (package) in Malta and the hotel AND food were dire. Never again. Wasn’t particularly cheap either!

      • I think resorts are just restrictive! People never really get to see the country they’re visiting. We used to go to Malta as kids as my grandparents lived there. Loved it then but I gather that tourism has irrevocably changed the place. My dream destinations are Madagascar, Borneo and the Galapagos!

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