Don’t Touch Your Phone for 10 Minutes, Provide a Day of Clean Drinking Water For a Child In Need

I’m doing this right now 🙂 Everyone should be able to have access to clean safe water!

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UNICEF recently teamed up with clothing designer Giorgio Armani for the latest campaign in the UNICEF Tap Project, which has been striving to increase access to clean water for children worldwide since 2007.

For this latest scheme, they have created a mobile website app (you don’t have to download anything) that can tell when your phone is not being used. For every 10 minutes you leave your phone alone, Armani will provide a day of clean drinking water to a child in need.

According to UNICEF, 768 million people lack access to safe, clean drinking water, 2.5 billion people live without proper sanitation and 1,400 children die every day from diseases linked directly to unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation.

Millions of children lack clean water. How long could you go without something far less vital… like your phone?

Visit the homepage of the UNICEF Tap Project on your phone and…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections



Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

My choice for this weeks challenge is an abstract portrait of my partner, Simon, caught out in Camden Stables Market. I really liked this unusual mirror and the glimpse it gave me of Simon in its multi-faceted reflections. Anyone who knows him should recognize him instantly!


Travel Theme: Pink

Travel theme: Pink

Travel Theme: Pink

This is Lisa Von H and as you can see she is definitely in the pink 🙂 Lisa is a local singer/songwriter who has been very involved with The Phoenix Cultural Centre in Woking. I’m looking forward to our monthly Lovely Music Night this Wednesday when Lisa will be performing along with Will B and Willow. The event is just two days before my birthday so it’s a great excuse to take along some cake 🙂 It might have to have pink icing!

Lisa is always very complimentary about my photography and I have to say I really love her emotive music and thoughtful lyrics. Do follow the link above to Soundcloud to listen to some of her work! My personal favourite at the moment is called Hello Moon 🙂

I took these photos of Lisa a couple of weeks ago at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) UK’s Living Planet Centre in Woking. The Phoenix Centre organised live and unplugged music for the Fairtrade Big Banana Split, a special event to highlight the campaign to MAKE BANANAS FAIR!

And now for something completely different – PINK BANANAS!

Pink bananas!


Travel Theme: Gardens

TortoiseshellTravel Theme: Gardens

If you’ve ever wondered how I grew to love gardens, wildlife and nature, the simple answer is that it’s genetic! Some of my favourite gardens actually belong to family members. This particular garden has been giving me great joy for over twenty years, although the images in this post are all from 2012. I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves other than to say that this garden belongs to my mum’s younger brother and his lovely family who have been such strong supporters of my work over the years!