Travel Theme: Ancient

Newark Priory

Travel Theme: Ancient

For those of you who followed me last year on my 365 photographic journey, you may recognise this image. It was my page header for the year. To my new followers, welcome and thank you for your interest in my work!

I took this photo in the winter of 2012 when we had a fantastic hoar-frost that transformed the landscape into a crystalline wonderland! This winter has been devastatingly wet and much of the land around the ruins and along the River Wey at Papercourt has been badly flooded. The road still remains closed!

The ruins are that of Newark Priory which stands as a monument to the Dissolution under Henry VIII, when the crown seized the land and property of the catholic church and destroyed many of the buildings.

Newark actually stands on private farmland, despite its listed status, and can’t be accessed by the public. This is about as close as I can get to these historic remains, on the road between Pyrford and Ripley. I really wish I could explore more of this ancient site!

14 comments on “Travel Theme: Ancient

  1. I have seen that from the road too, but didn’t know what it was so thank you for enlightening me. Old Henry caused a lot of destruction didn’t he, but I suppose the catholic church was becoming very powerful and something to fear. A shame this site isn’t open to the public though.

  2. I noticed in the link you gave that a dawn service is held each year on Easter Day at 6am in the ruins, run by churches from the surrounding towns including Byfleet, West Byfleet, Pyrford and Ripley. Perhaps you could attend that to get closer??? Though they mightn’t like you taking a camera 😦

    • Yes, it’s something I must find out about! I’m not a member of any of the local church congregations. There are probably lots of strict rules! I wonder why it’s easter that they hold the service rather than a particular saints day.

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