Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective #2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective #2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective #2

Another word that has come to mind as I thought about this week’s challenge is context.

The same subject seen from two completely contrasting perspectives tells a very different story.

In my first image, a beach-side taverna in Kos has it’s catch-of-the-day displayed in a drying rack. I’m showing you the octopus in reference to fresh seafood restaurants and traditional Greek dishes. Yum!

My second image is my photographic catch-of-the-day! Simon and I were privileged to swim with this octopus, out in the bay beyond the taverna, for quite some time, watching how it colour-changes to conceal itself or to communicate alarm. Seeing this intelligent creature propel itself through open water and squeeze through seemingly impossible crevices gave us a magical insight into their lives.

Kamari Beach

The whole context of a seafood supper was forever changed by this encounter! Not that I’ve given up on such delicacies. Clearly there is such a healthy population of octopuses in the Mediterranean that catching them for food is not an issue. Of course many of those swimming with us had absolutely no idea of the wonders-of-the-deep living right beneath them!

4 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective #2

  1. Interesting photos Sarah. Did you have an underwater camera then? I confess to eating octopus when I went to Greece, but it’s not my favourite seafood. Unless it is cooked well. 🙂

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