10 comments on “Silent Sunday

    • Thanks Mike! Saw your Peacock butterfly 🙂 Not seen any out here yet but the brimstones are everywhere. I’ve seen commas, red admiral, small tortoiseshell and a small white too which is really encouraging for this year’s population!

    • Thanks Fiona 🙂 It was refusing to settle until it finally came to the grape-hyacinths and finally posed where I could get a clear shot with the zoom lens! There are lots of the over-wintering butterflies out at the moment with the warm sunny days 🙂

    • And this is a British butterfly out in the gardens! The brimstone is often one of the first to come out from their winter shelters when we get some decent weather with plenty of sunlight. I’ve seen several other species in the gardens and at Wisley over the last week 🙂

    • Thanks Rosie! Really hope that this will be a good year for our butterfly populations 🙂 It’s been a lovely warm early spring. I’ve not seen any peacocks yet myself but I know others have! I have a DSLR and 50-500mm lens which is great for wildlife photography. You do have to try to be in the right place and then it’s just patience and a bit of luck!

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