Blue Monday: Tea For Two?

Blue Monday: Tea For Two?

Blue Monday: Tea For Two?

Happy Blue Easter Monday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good weekend?

Simon and I went down to Devon to stay with my sister and brother-in-law, Helen and Kevin, for Easter. We went for a drive over the moors on Saturday which brought back some happy, childhood memories! After visiting the one easily accessible Tor, Combestone, stopping off at Widecombe, where my Silent Sunday photo is from and seeking out some of the Dartmoor ponies, we decided a cream tea was in order!

There’s one place on the moors that absolutely HAS to be visited for the ultimate cream tea – Badgers Holt at Dartmeet. Situated at the meeting place of the East and West tributaries of the River Dart, stands a wonderful tea shop with just about the best scones, cream and jam I’ve ever had! Not only do you have the beautiful countryside and fabulous food, there are also a number of peacocks on the grounds. They’re such colourful and enigmatic birds! They’re also partial to a spot of cream tea themselves πŸ˜‰

31 comments on “Blue Monday: Tea For Two?

  1. Oh Sarah,

    Isn’t he lovely? I’ve always admired the male peacock. Thanks for sharing.

    I agree that the flying monkeys are scarey.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  2. It’s hard to beat a good cream tea…yum, yum!
    I just love the deep shimmering blues of this feathers….and her rather more subtle neck feathers. Stunning shots of the peacock πŸ™‚

      • They are such gorgeous birds. I just took another look at the photos, and realised I recognised the crockery pattern. I think my mum has the same set! It’s probably very common in the UK, but not here in NZ.

      • That’s happening here too; co-inciding with a resurgence of tea drinking I think. NZ is such a coffee-centric place.

      • I had trouble finding good coffee outside of London last year; but did enjoy a couple of yummy cream teas.

      • We’ve actually got several coffee shops in our village! I do love a good cream tea but I have to resist doing it too often πŸ˜‰ One of my NZ cousins is over here at the moment travelling and he’s absolutely loving Devon!

  3. Missed this little gem as we have been away in Cornwall and had little connectivity, but did manage a cream tea! Sounds like a lovely place to visit.

      • Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. Glad you liked what you saw. Yep, peacocks really are stunning. I’d toyed with the idea of a trip to Warwick Castle when I’m back in England this summer, to visit their peacocks, but having seen your photos I am inspired and will make it a definite ‘to-do’. Thank you!

      • Always happy to have inspired others πŸ™‚ Warwick Castle’s great! I’ve not been there for donkeys though. I ought to remedy that the next time Simon and I head up to the midlands or the north! How long will you be over here for? Really hope it’s going to be a decent summer! We’ll be off to Greece for a few weeks of it though πŸ™‚

      • We’ll be back for about a month – can’t wait! Too hot and humid to spend much time outside here, so I will be outside every chance I get with my camera in hand. I am already dreaming of all the places to go…excited! Ahhhh nice, Greece is lovely – looks like we both have great holidays to look forward to…and yes, fingers crossed on the weather front!

      • Oh I bet you’re excited :-)!!! I tend to get on well with the dry heat of the Greek islands and having the sea right there to dive into! I don’t do well with humidity either 😦 There are places in the world that I dream of visiting but I know I wouldn’t cope! Weather’s up, down and all over the place at the moment but they are promising a long, hot summer!

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