Blue Monday: Blue Eyes

Blue Monday: Blue Eyes

Blue Monday: Blue Eyes

It’s amazing to think that Rachel and I have been friends for over twenty years now! We bonded like sisters at college and she’s been borrowing my clothes and make-up ever since 😉 Little Nate joined the family a year and a half ago.

Nate is such a beautiful little boy and he’s inherited his mum’s lovely blue eyes. His arrival does mean that they can’t stay with us in our little home any more. After they left yesterday I realised just how weird it feels that neither my wardrobe or make-up drawers have been raided!

8 comments on “Blue Monday: Blue Eyes

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Rachel and Nate do indeed have blue-tiful eyes! Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you for noticing my new header. Sand Hill Cranes abound around my home; however, I did not take this picture. (I’m not THAT good.)

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

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