Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Decoding History

Last year I photographed singer/songwriter Anna Neale at The British Museum, performing songs from her album River Man as part of the museum’s Up Late In Pompeii event. While Anna and the band were setting up I took the opportunity to wander around the exhibits.

I can honestly say that the most popular and crowded piece in the museum was the Rosetta Stone! Not surprising really, it is, after all, probably the most famous piece of written language in the world. The inscription comprises of three languages, Ancient Greek, Demotic (common Egyptian script of the era) and Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs (language of the Gods). I spent just a few moments in front of the stone trying to capture some images of these beautiful scripts!


This week’s images are my interpretation of the scholastic journey of the rediscovered Ptolemaic Decree. International scholars spent decades decoding these inscriptions, starting with the Greek, before using recognisable Egyptian names to begin translating the other two languages, which contain almost the exact same text. This discovery finally unlocked the mysteries of the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, whose meaning had been lost to the world for around 1500 years!

6 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

  1. Going there today!! Are you allowed to take photos inside the museum then? I am never sure of the protocols with these sort of places. Nice entry for the challenge and perfectly composed pictures πŸ™‚

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