Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art – Julia K

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art - Julia K

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art

Michelle says “When someone says “art,” they often use it as shorthand for “paintings and sculptures.” Art is everywhere, though: in nature, in architecture, in literature, and more. It’s anywhere we see beauty and meaning.”

I couldn’t agree more! I see art and beauty everywhere I look. One of my great joys in life is working alongside other like-minded artists, like Julia K. Julia is a wonderful singer/songwriter who is also my friend, my muse and my collaborator!

My favourite collaboration with Julia, so far, has been the creation of the video for Julia’s song “Strong” which I directed. We also held an exhibition with fellow photographer Tom O’Donoghue, culminating in an intimate concert in the medieval Undercroft in Guildford.

My featured image is the cover artwork for the single which is available on Amazon and iTunes. The photos in the gallery tell the story of the making of a music video. From the tranquil and beautiful setting of Fleet Pond on a very chilly February morning to the fabulous interior of the converted mansion at South Hill Park.

Finally, our work or art is the video itself. We hope you enjoy it! Look out for my dad’s artwork used as props too 🙂

14 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art – Julia K

    • Thanks Seonaid 🙂 The song was one of my favourites from Julia’s album so I really wanted her to make a single and video with it. We have very similar visual interpretations to lyrics and music so working together really is a joy! Can’t wait to do some more 🙂

  1. oh every shot was an amazing treat!! Sometimes the photographer is a work of art, too, and I say without hesitation that this is one of those times! Your photos are so incredibly well composed!

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