Too Cute?

Too Cute?

Whatever kind of weekend you’re having it can only be improved with a bit of cuteness! After Xtreme Falconry‘s display at RHS Wisley Gardens today, Martin and Pete brought out their two Great Grey Owl chicks.


The chicks are only four weeks old but are already really stretching their wings. Not actually flying but performing some wonderful practice hops as they investigated the horde of people gathered to photograph them, showing their admiration with a multitude of oooohs and ahhhhhs!

These two beauties will be moving on to new homes soon as part of international breeding and conservation programs. Their distinctive facial markings that make the adult birds so popular with photographers will be the last feathers to come in but you can already see much of their beautiful yet ghostly plumage beneath the downy fuzz.

11 comments on “Too Cute?

  1. Now, THAT is just about the cutest thing I ever saw! I love these little critters. Your photographs capture every feather of cuteness. 🙂 This has to be one of my all time favorite posts, Sarah!

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