Blue Monday: A Vision In Blue

Blue Monday: A Vision In Blue

Blue Monday: A Vision In Blue

Over the last few weeks I’ve shared some photos of individual blue irises and I’ve loved all your comments which just go to show what a universally popular flower the iris is! Today’s photo is of a grouping of some of these beautiful blues planted up around the lake at RHS Wisley Gardens.

It was a dull and rainy day but coming around the edge of the lake to this vision in blue, set against the purple and greens, was just breathtaking πŸ™‚ It instantly brightened the day for me so I hope it brightens yours too!

27 comments on “Blue Monday: A Vision In Blue

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Beautiful irises. Thanks for sharing your blue today.

    Yes, the therapy is working; I no longer am in pain.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. They are probably one of the true blue flowers, which may explain their popularity. Although all colours are beautiful, there is something about the blue ones.

  3. I love these gorgeous blue flowers. It is amazing to see such pretty blues this Monday evening! Enjoyed my visit and have a good week!

    • Thanks Anni πŸ™‚ The UK is full of gardens and beautiful countryside! Our weather may be unpredictable in some ways but we have the ideal climate and geography for lush green gardens full of flowers. Where are you staying when you visit this year? The Royal Horticultural Society and the National Trust have lots of listings for gardens and parks to visit all across the country πŸ™‚

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