Introductions – Sarah Longes, Painting with Light

I’m honoured to be part of Leanne Cole’s Introductions series! When I started following Leanne I found that many of her inspirations in art photography were quite similar to my own. Through the Introductions and Monochrome Madness, with Laura Macky, I’ve started interacting with many other photographers who I feel really create art!

Leanne is so right when she says that those of us from an art background are drawn together! I’ve certainly found that with the musicians I work with that I’ve come to know and call my friends.

I was intrigued to see which photos Leanne would choose to put into her post as my work can be pretty eclectic! She says “I also learned to expect the unexpected with her blog, or rather you never quite know what you will find as you look through it. I really enjoy seeing photographers who like to experiment and take lots of different images.”. I guess that’s what I enjoy too about many of the blogs that I follow. I hope what I’ve written for her post goes some way to showing why my subject matter is often varied with many different styles of working! After all, variety is the spice of life 🙂

37 comments on “Introductions – Sarah Longes, Painting with Light

  1. Over from Leanne’s blog. Really beautiful images you really do paint with light! Looking forward to seeing what inspires you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful craft. I am a detail fool too. I can’t get close enough!

      • Oh no pressure, just always interested in macro perspective on pretty much anything, a bee sounds very intriguing. Oh and if you happen by my blog…I am in a bit of a transition (life has thrown me a curve ball this summer), most of my macro work is under “The Garden” category, many posts from around my everyday life, looking a little closer 🙂 Will get back into the swing of posting again soon!

    • Just got done reading through the post and looking at the photos I am glad you were able to continue doing something that you enjoy despite your hardships. I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to give up something that you enjoy very much due to some limitations, but it is always nice to be able to have an alternative. I do think that paintings and photography are very similar as they both capture a scene for the viewer to enjoy. I do enjoy paintings as much as photography although I am only just a photographer. I enjoy your work very much and always look forward to a new post. Happy shooting! 🙂

      • Never say “Only just a photographer”! It’s a true art form and you can be proud of your work 🙂 Yes, it was heartbreaking when I had to stop painting altogether. In many ways I’m very fortunate to have my photography still as many people with disabilities have to make even more drastic changes in their life! There are lots of things that I miss but being bitter about it would just make me a bitter person. I prefer to focus on the wonderful things and people that I have in my life and all the things that I CAN do 🙂 Life is for living!!

      • I guess technically since with using the camera it is drawing with light, one who does photography with the purpose of creating art, can be considered an artist. But I was going more along the lines of photographer and painter in general.

        I know what you mean about focusing on the things that make you happy. There are plenty of things in my life that I wish I would have done differently, but instead of thinking about them, I think about what I can do to enjoy life with what I have now. I always work at changing goals for the future, but never set anything too far ahead as that can lead to disappointment. It’s always nice to be able to enjoy life in the now rather than putting too much focus on what has already happened in the past and what may happen in the future. If you are always worrying about the past and the future, then that leaves little room to enjoy what is happening now. Life is too short to worry about what you wish you had.

      • Hence the title of my blog Justin! I do set myself some goals and make plans for future events and projects but never too many and always being aware that those plans are subject to change.

        I think my background as a multi-media artist have taught me not to differentiate between all mediums of art. Whether an artist chooses to special in one medium or many it’s the whole that counts 🙂

    • Thanks Sabby and welcome! Glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed my work 🙂 I see that you’re in North Wales. I shall be visiting your blog too, my father’s family is from North Wales so it holds a special place in my heart!

  2. Hi Sarah, I was so glad to find you were the next surprise on Leanne’s list. I loved reading about you and feel I know you a little better. You have so much to offer and your work is beautiful!

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