Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Michelle says “This week, share a photo that has a little something extra: an unexpected visitor, or a tranquil landscape with a splash of colour.”

For Father’s Day on Sunday, Simon’s daughter Charlotte wanted a chilled day out with us at RHS Wisley Gardens. It was a great day with a nice afternoon break at the café for tea and cake. The gardens are blooming, the birds are full of song and one visitor had brought along their African Grey Parrot for a walk, as you do!

Simon and Charlotte left me and my camera to it after a bit and carried on with their walk! The joys of going anywhere with a photographer! They’re very patient with me thankfully 🙂

Gracie is a thirteen year old Congo African Grey. These intelligent birds can live for fifty to sixty years so Gracie is still quite a young bird. They’re known for being great mimics but she wasn’t in a talkative mood on Sunday!

They’re very popular pets but anyone thinking of adopting one needs to be prepared for a pet that will be with you for the rest of your life and requires a lot of attention. Gracie is obviously a very happy and well cared for parrot! Meeting her was a wonderful and unexpected extra to a lovely day out 🙂

21 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

    • Of all the things that I get to see at Wisley, I never expected an African Grey 😉 They’re wonderful birds! A friend of mine had one and it’s vocal antics were hilarious. It’s believed that the intelligence of an adult bird is around that of a 5yr old human child!

      My family are always saying things like, “why don’t you leave the cameras at home and have a break?”! I can’t explain why that would just make me miserable 😮

      • Oh I know….my husband will often say “can we at least walk for a while before you start shooting”….but as. I try to explain if something catches my eye, and is well lit, there’s not a moment to be lost!!

        I had a great Aunt, a cousin of my Granny’s, who had an African Grey, and it was hilarious with some rude words along with lots of mimicry of voices and sounds….as a small girl I found it so funny to sit and drink tea from china cups with these very proper ladies and a very cheeky parrot….thanks for bringing back those memories!

      • Yes, I hate it if I’m out and see something amazing but don’t have the camera! Very glad to help stir up good memories 🙂 An old neighbour of mine had an African Grey that was totally hilarious with it’s mimicry! It also hated our dog and would dive bomb him at any given opportunity. He never went for the parrot, he was terrified of it, poor thing 😉

  1. Beautiful portraits, Sarah – I saw these in the wild in western Kenya’s Kakamega Forest long ago but I don’t think they survive there now. As you say, its a very significant undertaking to have one as a pet. Adrian

  2. What a magnificent bird and wonderful photos to boot! I have a dog that is 15 years old and seemingly still going strong – can’t imagine having the responsibility of a pet for 60 years! Loved all the comments about patient families and photography. I’ve gotten a number of you’re-going-to-photograph-that? looks, but better they’re a little impatient than me being frustrated: you know the old saying, “if mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”;D

    • Ha ha! Yes I become a grumpy old woman if I’m separated from my camera and my family know it! I guess they have to humour me 😉 My old cat, Pan, lived til 17 but sadly had a heart condition. We have two kittens now who could live into their 20’s if we’re lucky 🙂 My Aunt has a Welsh Mountain pony that’s now over 40!!

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