Lilies For Lou

Lilies For Lou

Every year I remember my friend and former housemate, Lou, with flowers for her birthday. I saw these wonderful burgundy lilies at RHS Wisley Gardens on Sunday and instantly thought of her! Lilies were another of Lou’s favourites and she had a number of them growing in the garden. Lou just loved this time of year for the abundance of flowers. She may be lost to us but she’s not really gone from this world or our lives.

She’s by my side when I’m in the gardens, if I see a black and white cat, when the tennis is on, when I see a yacht, watching the rugby, drinking pimms or rosé, when I see one of her favourite films, listening to 80’s rock music, eating tiramisu, loading the dishwasher (she never could get it right!), if I see a frog (she was terrified of them but Smudge, the cat, used to bring them in as gifts for her) and whenever I pick up the car keys! I was always loosing my keys so Lou brought me a Nemo key ring from Euro Disney. Now I’m always Finding Nemo 😉

Lou on the left and me on the right

Lou is always in my heart and on my mind. I have so many wonderful memories of a very special person!

26 comments on “Lilies For Lou

  1. Beautiful flowers (photos); wonderful friendship. I feel there is something deep inside of me that I want to write to you, but I just can’t find the right words. Thanks for sharing. Your post has touched my heart.

    • Thanks Helen! I’m glad to have touched you with this. I like to talk about Lou and our friendship partly because it’s a legacy, she can still reach out to people through my images and words 🙂 That there is something deep inside of you is words enough. I think I know what you mean and it’s a feeling that is hard to express with language!

  2. My good friend died a couple of years ago and shortly afterward I heard a saying ‘We die twice, once when our souls leave our body, and the second time when our name is spoken for the last time’ I loved the idea that I could stay connected to my friend and her life by speaking her name. Thank you for sharing your memories and honouring Lou.

    • What a great saying, expect for that I feel it’s Lou’s soul or spirit that’s with me still. I think we will all stay connected to our lost loved ones, they imprint themselves upon us. Thank you for sharing your story of loss and love!

  3. Memories are sometimes what keeps us going. It is from those memories that make us human. I’m sure Lou is very happy for you to continue doing what you love and to share her memories with others as well. To be forgotten is what some fear the most. To be remembered is what can bring happiness. These are great photos and it is so nice that so many things can help you remember someone who was so important in your life.

  4. Very moving post, Sarah, and you’re absolutely right, she’s not really gone from this world of your lives, she lives on within you and her other friends. Adrian

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