Travel Theme: Orange


Travel Theme: Orange

A smorgasbord of oranges from our travels to Shropshire and Wales last weekend! Hope you enjoy the gallery below ­čÖé


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray 3


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray 3

Word Origin
Fray: from French frayer to rub, from Latin fric─üre ; see friction, friable

A rock climber has to regularly check the ropes they rely upon for signs of wear. This is the very last place you’d want to find a frayed rope!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray 2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray 2

verb (used with object) wear (cloth, rope, etc.) to loose, ravelled threads or fibres at the edge or end; cause to ravel out.

Haiku: Frayed

Weeds and wildflowers
Tattered floral art from start
To seed head finish


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray 1

Ant vs Caterpillar

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray 1

1.a fight, battle, or skirmish.
Synonyms: altercation, combat, war, clash, encounter, set-to.

Ant vs Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar at Llanymynech Quarry in Wales!

A territorial fray. Who won you ask?













The referee (Heather) decided there was foul play and flicked the ant off the stem!


Blue Monday: Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly

Blue Monday: Blue Butterfly

I love finding these pretty blue butterflies out among the wildflowers and grasses. They can be incredibly hard to spot, despite that amazing flash of blue, as this precious little creature is only about 1cm tall with its’ wings closed!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Australian Pink Floyd

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This photo immediately came to mind for the theme Silhouette. This is one of my earlier forays into music photography, taken in 2008 at GuliFest, of the tribute band The Australian Pink Floyd Show. What a gig!