Blue Monday: Eliza Blue Eyes


Blue Monday: Eliza Blue Eyes

Eliza was one of several children keeping us on our toes and entertained at a friends barbecue on Saturday. You can see in those big blue eyes that she’s full of mischief! Life is such an adventure when you’ve just found your feet πŸ™‚

32 comments on “Blue Monday: Eliza Blue Eyes

  1. That first picture is a beautiful portrait – if I were her Mom I’d want that on my wall. You are a wonderful portrait photographer Sarah – those eyes are full of expression and such flawless skin you can almost feel the peachy softness.

  2. What a cutie pie….and I loved not knowing till the end what on earth the discs were she had on her mouth. You caught the twinkle in her eye in that first shot beautifully.

    • It’s the one’s with that twinkle of mischievousness that you have to watch the closest πŸ˜‰ I always think it’s a sign of an intelligent child but I know they can be extra hard work for the parents! I’m dreadful when it comes to kids doing something wicked but funny and parents are trying to tell them off without laughing! The number of times I have to walk away with my hand over my mouth to hide the giggles πŸ˜‰

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