Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag


Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

I have to thank my friend Julia K for providing the subject matter and inspiration for this week’s challenge! Julia has long been a fan of my abstract work, her words of encouragement and genuine delight are succour to this artist’s soul.

Julia recently completed work on her own music-recording studio and rehearsal room. It’s truly fantastic! I just love some of the finishing touches too, like these antique-style, zigzag light bulbs! I had great fun with these manual focus, macro shots and the post-processing in Lightroom. If any of you were curious about my Silent Sunday image, it was a defocussed photo of one of these bulbs! I love painting with light πŸ™‚

39 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

  1. Absolutely exquisite…superb, electrifying images!! The surging energy, the pulse of vibrant colour, and the delicate and lissome beauty…just wonderful. Perfection. Cheers to you,

    Autumn Jade

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